Q & A 


Q : What made you start playing drums?

A :  Most drummers will say this it's Animal from the muppets I started playing when i was 5 years old and now 30 years later (I just look older honest) Ive never regretted it. Best ever episode Animal and Buddy Rich Drum off.


Q : Favourite Food?

A : I have 3 equal so 1. Chicken Chow Mein 2. Lasagne and 3. A Full Sunday Roast.


Q : Favourite film?

A : Back to the future triogy and Groundhog day 1 and 2 (ok 2 is just rewatching 1 but thats the film).


Q : Favourite band ?

A : ROXETTE (not sure there is any other bands well not that i know of anyway).


Q : Best Live act you’ve seen?

A : Im told its David Bowie Glass Spider Tour that i saw live in Manchers Main Road in the 80s I had no idea who he was but i did like the support from Alison Moyet.


Q : Best live act you’ve never seen?

A : ROXETTE long story that breaks my heart evertime I talk about it so never ask this question again.