Vocals / Bass Guitar


Q & A 


Q : What made you start playing guitar?

A : When I discovered real music as a teenager, I was hooked how the power of music stirs emotions in everyone in different ways. Some school friends were starting a band. I wanted in. My parents bought me my first electric guitar, lucky for them I didn’t have an amp yet. Got in the band as rhythm guitar player. Never looked back!


Q : What made you want to play Bass?

A : Started out Rhythm Guitar bits of Lead Guitar in places. Got asked to join a band as Bass player, borrowed a bass for a while until got my first bass. Considered myself as a Bass plodder. Moved into song writing/ singing and rhythm guitar. Started a band called Virgin Voltz as lead singer/ songwriter/ rhythm guitarist doing Original songs with the odd covers 2011. Gigged all over. Great fun but never seamed to get going! Took a break for 5 years off the music scene due to work commitments/ family and kind of fell out with playing music I hardly touched a guitar for 5 years! But had a void in my life so took up a new hobby for boxing. Never put a pair of gloves on in my life. Stepped into the ring and got battered. But I went back again and again realising I’m enjoying it. Trained hard for 5 years. Had 3 fights and won them all. Then out of the blue I got asked to play a gig for my mates wedding. Got in touch with the band lads and they said yes. Practiced did the gig which sparked the music passion back in me. We decided to give it another go! So I retired boxing at 40 wise decision as you can only take so many knocks to the head! But music was back on the cards! I was singing and rhythm guitar playing again but when the bass player left I decided to play bass with a bit of singing but agreed we’d need another singer. Since then I’ve enjoyed playing Bass and found a new love for it and decided to not be a plodder and learn a better understanding and techniques for bass ! Who doesn’t love a slap n tickle ?


Q : Favourite Food?

A : Sunday roast Beef/Lamb and all the trimmings


Q : Favourite film?

A : Tough one ….. who have to say Robo Cop , Terminator, Melvin the Mop Boy ….. only because as I kid I would watch these ten million times over and over and probably know all the words


Q : Favourite band?

A : Guns n Roses


Q : Best Live act you’ve seen?

A : Slashes Snake Pit Donnington 1990 something! After G n R split Slash was in this band for a short while before creating Velvet Revolver. He was amazing!


Q : Best live act you’ve never seen?

A : Nirvana, had tickets booked to see them in Manchester, Kurt took an overdose so all gigs got postponed! Dates reset unfortunately he killed himself and never got to see them.